Portland Trailblazers 2012/2013


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Message par D.Rose1 » 02 mai 2013, 15:13

“When people say stuff about my defense, it bothers me,’’ Lillard said. “And I’m aware of it. It drives me. It lights a fire under me.’’ If that attitude and drive doesn’t convince Trail Blazers fans that the franchise is in good hands, maybe this will: The wheels are already in motion for Lillard to workout and study defense this summer under the tutelage of the greatest defensive point guard ever, Hall of Famer Gary Payton. Oregonian
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“He said ‘I want to help you,’ ’’ Lillard said of Payton. “He said it would take time for me to become a defender, but he said I have everything to become one. So this will be the summer where I get in the gym with him and try to learn from him.’’ Oregonian
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Re: Portland Trailblazers 2012/2013

Message par AntoMelo » 07 mai 2013, 20:36

Voici mon mix sur le rookie de l'année des Blazers !!




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Re: Portland Trailblazers 2012/2013

Message par Drasseb » 11 mai 2013, 14:46

Belle équipe pour l'avenir en tous cas, y a un gros potentiel s'ils arrivent à préserver leur effectif (5 free agents dont Hickson).